Roots to the American Dream is a new television series that explores inspirational stories of the pursuit of the American Dream combined with epic quests to unearth family history. These courageous journeys cover many miles and years, and tremendous obstacles are overcome along the way. These are stories about people who demonstrate unwavering commitment, perseverance, intelligence, humor and love during their pursuit of a better life.

Each episode of Roots to the American Dream begins in the present day. As the subjects of each story are introduced, we learn all about who they are, as well as their remarkable achievements. We then join them in “real-time” quests to discover their past family history, to investigate how their ancestors made their way to America, while the struggles to meet their own personal goals are also revealed. As family history unfolds for our subjects, viewers are drawn-in alongside, sharing in all the riveting revelations and surprises.

The Roots to the American Dream series presents highly engaging, first-person accounts of families who left difficult circumstances to travel to the United States in determination to find peace and prosperity. The episodes themselves play out as an enthralling combination of success stories, adventure stories, detective stories and love stories. The endings are heart-warming and gratifying, but there are also emotionally dramatic twists and turns encountered throughout each journey – which ultimately makes for compelling television viewing.